May 24, 2024

Looking For College? The 2021 College Fair Is Here!

The college fair has come to the awaiting juniors and seniors at High School West on October 19, 2021. Although students are relieved to return to a relative sense of normalcy when it comes to clubs and sports, college fair remains over Zoom. This biannual event is intended for college representatives to find the right students for their given institutions, and for high school students to learn more information about a college of interest.

The virtual college fair was split into three days, from October 19-21. There were over 65 different colleges in attendance, available to students interested in SUNY schools, The Five Towns College, and many other different universities in the tri-state area. 

The deadlines for college applications may seem far away to juniors, but any senior can tell them that they come quicker than one may think. Mrs. Nikosey, one of the many guidance counselors, shares that the college fair has been “a great opportunity to get more information on different colleges and universities, and then also for students to express interest in that school”.

Last year the college fair became virtual for the first time in its history. Students interested were able to go to the website and learn about colleges from whatever each college had uploaded. It was not nearly as interactive as the fair this year was.

The college fair this year was composed of different Zoom meetings that allowed representatives from the colleges to speak to prospective students. This allowed students to ask questions and get a better sense of the college without actually having to visit them. 

And although colleges are open to visit and some schools have had in person fairs, “Half Hollow Hills and a bunch of other districts are still going virtual because we thought that was the safest route to go” according to Mrs. Nikosey. The importance of student safety while trying to get back on track for a “normal” school year is a priority to the school. 

But if you did end up missing the previous college fair, there are still many ways to explore your options. Many schools have information on their websites, along with virtual tours and possibly even in person ones. Not only that but Naviance and Niche are two great resources that can tell you more about a university. Additionally, Hills West will be hosting another college fair in the spring, so keep a lookout for any updates and good luck to everyone on their college search.