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Former President Trump Seeks Asylum In North Korea

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump looks out the window as he travels aboard his plane between campaign stops in Ohio, U.S. September 5, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar

It has been several months since former President Trump left office in January after dealing with COVID-19, high unemployment, an insurrection, and his banishment from social media. Since then, the former president has gone almost completely silent only making few public appearances and phone calls to right-wing media to criticize the Biden Administration and direction the US is heading in. The reason: Donald Trump is trying to escape the US.

The Trump Presidency is marred by scandal after scandal and is the only one to go through two impeachment trials. Trump himself claims that the media and country have treated him extremely unfairly, neglecting all of his administration’s success and pointing out only the flaws and negatives. Most importantly, the ongoing investigation of right-wing extremists, conspiracy theorists, and those involved in the Capitol Building Insurrection, may uncover unwanted connections to Trump To avoid any further scandals, former President Trump has decided to leave the country to avoid any more negative attention.

Recently, his taxes are being investigated by Manhattan’s District Attorney for fraud, evasion, or any other criminal activity. He has already moved across state lines from New York to Florida to avoid New York’s high taxes. His move out of the country is possibly financially motivated.

Trump is known to be extremely good friends with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin, both of whom are potential hosts of the soon to be former president-in-exile. His strange and close relationships with the two strongmen during his presidency has always been questioned, but now it is obvious that they were his escape from the US.

Despite the unexpectedness of Trump’s move, the media has not covered this issue as the border crisis, infrastructure plans, and Biden’s fall from Air Force One have gained far more attention than the departure of a former president.