Home Politics Explaining the Confusing Vaccine Rollout: Why are people complaining?

Explaining the Confusing Vaccine Rollout: Why are people complaining?


As COVID-19 cases continue to spiral throughout the country, the American people are continuously awaiting a change in pace. Though complete normalcy is out of reach at this point, Pfizer and Moderna have brought the nation one step closer to recovery. Each of these companies has created its own version of the long-awaited COVID vaccine. With approximately 95% success rates, these shots provide almost guaranteed immunity to the coronavirus. For complete effectiveness, each vaccine requires two identical doses. The Pfizer doses must be three weeks apart, and the Moderna doses are four weeks apart. However, in New York and across the country, complaints are already beginning to surface about sluggish vaccine rollout.

Most recently, New York State entered its Phase 1b of vaccine distribution. Though Governor Andrew Cuomo is frequently making changes to eligibility requirements, Phase 1b is now open to teachers, adults above the age of 65, first responders, and people with immunosuppressive conditions. In fact, even President Trump took inspiration from President-elect Biden by releasing all reserved second doses immediately. Many are satisfied with the increased quantity of vaccines, but complaints still stand. By releasing all reserved second doses, resources are significantly depleted for the people awaiting their second shot. More locally, issues have arisen as well.

By responding to an eligibility questionnaire online, New York residents could determine whether or not the vaccine is accessible to them. If so, then they are faced with the task of creating an appointment. Due to the massive widening of eligibility criteria, online appointment portals have been flooded. In many cases, people are being met with server issues, limited appointments, or even a complete lack of appointments altogether. With customer service being limited and walk-in shots being prohibited, New York residents are finding it difficult to get vaccinated.

Though there are still logistical problems with the vaccine, there is still much hope in bring society back to pre-COVID-19 standards.