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In 5…4…3…2…


All your nostalgic dreams are coming true–iCarly, the beloved Nickelodeon sitcom, is being rebooted.  One of the most treasured shows of our generation, iCarly made us all want to have our own web show, have Sam’s remote, and do some random dancing. Admit it–you read “random dancing” the same way it was said in the show.

The reboot is going to be produced by Jay Kogen. He tweeted about it, saying “People were asking what I was doing. Now I can tell you. We get to make iCarly for ADULTS! ‘iCarly’ Reboot With Original Stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor & Nathan Kress Ordered By Paramount+.” Nathan Kress even tweeted about continuing his role as Freddie; referencing the show’s iconic theme song, he tweeted: “Wake up the members of my nation.”

So far, we don’t know if Jennette McCurdy or Noah Munck from the original cast is returning. We also don’t know how the show will start back up; as you might remember, in the final episode, Carly moved to Italy with her dad. Sam moved in with Victorious’s Cat played by Ariana Grande in the spinoff Sam & Cat.

A lot has happened with the cast since the show ended in 2012. Miranda Cosgrove has a role in The Goldbergs and voices Margo in Despicable Me. She also plays Rachel in North Hollywood. Nathan Kress has a 2-year-old daughter and is expecting another baby in 2021. He has a podcast called Radioactive Dads. Jennette McCurdy started a podcast called Empty Inside where she interviews different celebrities. She’s also in Between on Netflix. Jerry Trainor has appeared in a number of things, including No Good Nick and Bunk’d. Noah Munck is also in The Goldbergs.

People are expecting a lot from this reboot, and I have no doubt that it will live up to people’s expectations and fulfill our childhood dreams.