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President-Elect Biden’s Cabinet


After weeks of transition team controversy and electoral college uncertainty, President-Elect Biden has began to fill his cabinet with Obama Administration officials and other prominent Democrats. In contact to the Trump Administration’s shrinking of departments, Biden plans on creating new cabinet seats.

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Anthony Blinken is poised to become the next Secretary of State. He was partly responsible for the Iran Nuclear Deal and American intervention in the Middle East.

The Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen has years of experience working at the top of the Federal Reserve. In 2018, President Trump removed her from the Chair of the Federal Reserve after years of overseeing job growth and low interest rates.

Former mayor of South Bend, Indiana and primary opponent Pete Buttigieg has become Biden’s Transportation Secretary nominee after possibilities of being Ambassador to China, the UN, or Veteran Affairs Secretary.

Head of Citizenship and Immigration Services under Obama, Alejandro Mayorkas may be the first immigrant and Latino to head the Department of Homeland Security. His role in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program for Obama may create Republican criticism and opposition in the Senate.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry may be the Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. This newly formed role would be responsible over American energy and climate change. One major issue the Envoy would tackle is Biden’s plan to re-enter the Paris Climate Accord.