March 30, 2023

Do you sometimes feel your eyes closing while you’re in class, and you notice your ears are blocking out the teacher’s voice?  It might not be because you think the subject is boring, but because you’ve spent all night doing homework, studying, surfing the web, or just wasting time. Teachers may believe that students doze off because they simply aren’t paying attention, but they should also consider that studious kids are often willing to work past midnight.  

In addition to that, most high school students have to wake up at 6 AM to get dressed for the bus that will take them to school. “I understand why people do [fall asleep in class] because sometimes homework can keep you up really late,” commented junior Cheyenne Brown.

At this high school age, teenagers need about seven hours of sleep to be fully rejuvenated.  Sophomore Anna Obi commented, “I feel bad for people who sleep in class because by the time they wake up, they’ll have missed a world of stuff.”  Lack of sleep can really affect your school performance; if you’re asleep, you lose participation points, and you might even get on your teacher’s bad side.

“Well, teachers technically aren’t supposed to let students give up on their dreams!” joked junior Julianne Nicolette.  So how do you avoid the classic ‘Kid Who Thinks His/Her Desk Is A Pillow’ situation?  Maybe by making a schedule and trying to manage your time better? Getting work done during school hours when you have free periods?  If students really want to be well-rested for school, the best solution is to come up with a plan for going to bed early.