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How We Can All Enjoy Halloween in the New Age


With the state of the world being so uncertain, it’s a relief to know that we can at least hold onto Halloween this year. Unfortunately, safety guidelines still need to be maintained, so the holiday will be much different from previous years. Luckily, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate on Long Island.

Of course, the safest way to celebrate would be to host a party virtually, which could still include dressing up and a variety of games and activities. However, if you feel comfortable doing so, celebrating outside with others is still an option, although precautions must obviously be taken. For example, for those who choose to go trick or treating, it is heavily encouraged that you do so outside, rather than indoors. Additionally, providing non-edible treats for people is a good way to prevent the spread of the virus. Hopefully, these precautions will be enough to keep everyone safe but still allow for the festivities to go on.

As expected, the current state of the world has messed with many people’s plans. In order to get a better idea of the average person’s Halloween plans, Hills West alum, Luke Franklin says in regard to this holiday’s plans, “As of now, nothing”. When further asked about how the pandemic affected his plans, he stated “Well, if there were no pandemic there would probably be parties for me to go to on campus for Halloween”. Luckily, people seem to already be coming up with some creative ways to celebrate.

Of course, many people are planning on simply partaking in events that allow for social distancing, such as watching a movie. However, there has been discussion of some people going as far as to use chutes or catapults to launch candy out to trick-or-treaters in order to minimize contact. It seems that there is quite a wide array of responses to Halloween this year, but despite many people’s plans being canceled, there are thankfully still quite a few ways to keep the spookiest time of the year alive.