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As a complement to the National Honor Society, a scholastic organization that rewards academic achievement and good citizenship displayed by high school students across the country, in 2020-21 the National Dishonor Society will be created at Hills West to reward those who bring shame to our high school.

The criteria are found below. Check off all that apply and submit your application for approval. New members will be announced. April 1, 2021.

Failed at least 1 class.

24 detentions (you have the mamba mentality and are thus deserving of this coveted position)

Has done the renegade dance on school grounds (automatically accepted for bringing dishonor to your family name)

Has no drip.

Tripped up the stairs (not even good enough for down the stairs smh)

Gets deli bar when spicy chicken patty is available.

Passed Mr. Cascio in the hallway without saying hi (despicable)

Stands 5 feet and 11 inches away from others (6 feet at all time)

Called Dr. Catapano “Mr. Catapano”

Did not open cafeteria doors for people outside. (I know you see me standing outside open the doors.)

Did not use real name in Kahoot.

Did not log into synchronous learning at 9:00 am EST, exactly.

Does not display his/her ID card in a visible manner at all times (this is still a rule)

Has not read the HSW Roundup (extra dishonor, people work really hard on these, not me though.)

In a paragraph, describe why you would be a good fit for the National Dishonor Society, and describe in detail the shame you have brought upon your family and friends for applying.