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School Buses to Uber!


Starting in September of the 2020-2021 school year, Half Hollow Hills High School West is switching to Uber. Uber is a famous app that allows people to find rides to locations like the mall, the supermarket, and now school. The students’ main complaints about their school buses are how they aren’t allowed to roll down their windows and the bus is a tacky yellow color.

Since elementary school, it is a known fact that many bus drivers become aggravated when one of their many windows is opened the slightest amount. A junior who asked to remain anonymous stated, “My bus driver hated whenever a student opened a window. Whenever it was a hot day I would ask my mom to pick me up so I didn’t have to deal with the heat.”

The other complaint pertains to the look of school buses. Since 1939, the yellow-orange color was chosen to be the official color for school buses as it is an easy color to attract attention. Even though yellow is my favorite color, everyone thinks it’s a little tacky, but with High School West’s implementation of Uber, yellow will be a forgotten thought. With Uber, there is a range of cars you can choose from that coincide with the guidelines approved by our school board. A great feature about Uber is that we are able to carpool. If you have a friend nearby that you would like to ride with, you can share the car with them! It’s like going on the bus, but not really

When contacted, Uber was very excited about the increased business and was already buying yellow school buses and hiring school bus drivers to keep up with the demand. “We’ve always thought of ourselves as a wannabe bus company,” said Mr. Uber, president of Uber Enterprises.