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SafeStop Used to Track Students


On a normal school day, a treacherous technological evil lurks through the internet frequencies: SafeStop. Advertised as a revolutionary app in school safety by tracking bus routes, SafeStop has twisted claims of safety into obsessive stalking.

Now, with SafeStop, a student’s every footstep is tracked, from repeated walks to the fridge, questionable bathroom activity, to a substantial decline in physical movement as TikTok grows in popularity. SafeStop has pledged to parents that student location, not only bus routes, will be tracked during and outside of school hours. 

With the information SafeStop has gathered, the information is sold to public school officials as a means to use this information in better understanding and helping students. An already existing app, Life360, with similar goals of tracking children, has faltered due to its inability to accurately represent and share the movements of the student population. Unlike Life360, SafeStop has been relentless in chasing our every step. 

Recently, due to raging feedback from inside the company – specifically from the Huntington data analysts for Safe Stop who stated, “If we have to look at countless hours of students walking to a different class every 40 minutes for the entire day, we will seriously need to reconsider our career paths.”

A school official, who chooses to remain anonymous, revealed in a board meeting in early February that the data collected by SafeStop has brought to light many shocking truths about the student population, ranging from revelations about the student body’s inexplicable hobbies to their admiration for staring at their ceiling for a puzzling amount of hours. The official states after analyzing countless hours of SafeStop’s accumulated data, “I think our general perception about teenagers is wildly skewed. They are our future leaders, determined on revolutionizing and changing the world. Yet, they also think getting five hours of sleep constitutes a good night’s rest.” 

A Senior at Hills West reveals, “SafeStop is pretty wack. I don’t need the school to know I’ve sat in the same spot scrolling through TikTok for hours.” The student adds, “It’s bad enough Amazon is listening to us through our Alexa’s, and the FBI likes watching us through our cameras. SafeStop following our whereabouts is definitely crossing the line.”

SafeStop has watched you read this article and thanks you for continuing to improve your vocabulary and critical reading skills.