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HHH Officially Changes Name


In recent years, the Half Hollow Hills school district has made an increasingly cognizant effort to improve its public relations, largely led by PR specialist Chip Parker. Parker does a phenomenal job highlighting all the wonderful things that students and teachers are doing in and around our community. In his most recent effort to improve the district’s public image, Parker has recommended to the Board of Education that the district’s name be changed to “Whole Filled Hills.”

“The new name truly reflects the elite nature of our district and our dedication to the highest level of education, integrity, excellence, and success,” Parker commented about the name change. “In this district, we don’t half-ass things and our students are not hollow,” he added. “This is Whole Filled Hills.”

A Board of Education member explained his committee’s support for the decision: “Mr. Parker has done a phenomenal job in the last few years with our public relations. We trust him whole-heartedly (pun definitely intended) and we are filled with pride (pun intended, again) as we take this important step. 

While WFH doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, the name “Half Hollow Hills” never truly made sense. In a district emphasizing an all-encompassing education for every student, one must wonder, how did we let this atrocious name live on for years? It is important that our name reflects the progress being made in our students, in our faculty, in our resources, and in our community.

For the future, the Board of Education is currently reviewing a proposal posted on Facebook to further amend the name to “Whole Filled Mountains”—representing the pinnacle of success that we hope all of our students reach (and the fact that many of them peak in high school). This proposal is sure to receive thorough consideration, as the district ensures that Facebook comments from parents are regarded with the utmost attention and importance in the decision-making process. We will keep you updated on future developments, so stay tuned!