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The Return of Doniger


Hills West was hit with the depressing news that Mr. Doniger received a new, permanent job opportunity at Hills East. Will he ever return to West even if it is only for one day each week during the school day? Or will he show up to visit us during after school programs? Fortunately enough for us, both of these scenarios are true!

As of April 20, 2022 (or whenever quarantine is over of course), Mr. Doniger will be returning to Hills West not as a substitute, but as a new guidance counselor. As a matter of fact, the job he received at East prepared him with the skills and certification he needs as a high school guidance counselor. Although he has had his job at East for such a short period of time, he already can begin his new career with Hills West students. “I decided to take a new online course that lasts for a continuous 168 hours so I could be certified and return to West!”

Instead of working at West full time, Mr. Doniger will devote time after school to his job to assist students in planning their schedules as well as help them in their personal lives. Every A-Day after school in room 233, he will be available for students to discuss anything necessary. It is also encouraged that students come in groups to share this time with friends. With the news of this after school session, many believe that it should be called Donny’s Den since Doniger practically owns room 233 after school.

This new session available to all grade levels will be a fun experience for Hills West students to get to know Mr. Doniger and get in touch with their school’s resources.