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The Real Babies of Dix Hills

Real Babies of Dix Hills

I am sure most of us have heard of Dix Hills Moms, the Facebook page for all of the mothers in our community to talk, get recommendations for local businesses, complain about the school district, argue, and meet each other. The page has become notorious in town, but it is about to be overshadowed by something new. I am here to update the students of Hills West about our town’s news Facebook page, and I am sure you will all find it shocking.

This group is surely the least represented when it comes to debates about what is going on in town, even though they are the future of Dix Hills. They are tired of not having their voices heard. They are tired of being acknowledged only for their cuteness, and as a reason for their parents to brag and compete with each other. They are done with people talking to them as if they don’t understand. They are ready to make a statement, to have everyone listen, and to get their point across. They may not be able to talk, but they sure can type. The next generation of High School West students are looking to make a statement, and they have done that by creating their own Facebook page. 

It is called… The Real Babies of Dix Hills! Here, all of the youth are uniting to look for the best diaper brand, argue about the best baby food flavor, and make demands about what they want in schools, and the town, when they get older. The drama gets intense, and the babies are demanding. But, they are working towards a better future for themselves, and have become more influential than the moms (which is a very difficult feat). The babies have successfully banded together and started a great page, one which I recommend everyone check out.