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Mott’s Unveils Granny Smith Apple Juice in Honor of Juice WRLD


As our world continues to change, the Coronavirus continues to surge. People are scared, frightened, and desperate. Just last week, however, the pinnacle of our fears might have just been realized. Mott’s, the worldwide fruit juice monopoly, has officially suspended its production of the granny smith flavored apple juice, which has been sold to honor the late fan-favorite rapper Juice Wrld. After his unfortunate passing in December of 2019, Mott’s pulled out all the stops to produce a product that truly commemorates the inspirational and important life of the critically acclaimed rap star.

Other pop stars are currently starting to set up funding and donation boxes to try and get production back on track. The family of Juice Wrld also was extremely humbled to find out that one person with a heart full of wisdom would so easily be noticed by a multi-million dollar company such as Mott’s. The granny smith flavored juice was also tested by numerous critics and it got a fantastic score of 9.5 out of 10 on Yelp and a stellar perfect score of 100 percent on Zomato.

After the announcement of the commemoration juice, people asked Mott’s why granny smith was the chosen flavor? CEO Boris F. Levin replied by saying the product was an idea that was at the ready for numerous years beforehand and Levin said he thought this was the perfect time to release the new juice flavor, as a remembrance message. It was evident that people were incredibly excited as the product sold out in stores all across America only days after its release on March 10. Unfortunately, the fans that didn’t get a taste of this sugary new delight are going to have to wait some time as Juice Wrld’s juice is officially out of stock everywhere with no current signs of restocking in markets. The world is on the cusp of a major catastrophe, and the deprivation of people tasting the new juice in memory of the late rapper might take the cake as the most catastrophic of all the most recent issues.