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Is Thanksgiving Dangerous?


Every year, Thanksgiving has its ups and downs. It can either be very stressful and unplanned or it can be planned out and relaxed. Thanksgiving also has its accidents like house fires, car crashes, and others just like many other holidays.

Driving on any holiday is dangerous, especially on Thanksgiving if it is raining because of the wet leaves that are on the ground that could get caught under the tire and cause the driver to fishtail. Thanksgiving has had many car crashes and house fires. The year with the highest toll was 2006 as 623 people died on Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving has also paid its toll on people killed in house fires. A whopping 76.5% of house fires on Thanksgiving are caused by cooking mistakes. These fires have taken over 1,800 lives and have injured more than 11,000 people. People are not really cautious about Thanksgiving because they usually think it’s just a stressful dinner and people do not pay attention when they have a break because they want to calm down.

But in the process, they forget something is in the oven or on the stove and that little small little bit of relief puts people in danger if they don’t start to focus quickly. Personally, I have witnessed my sister cooking something on the stovetop and walked away. In doing so she completely got distracted and left the food on the stovetop. If I had not intervened, it would have started a fire.