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New Airpod Pros


Apple has just launched the upgraded version of the previous Apple AirPod model — Apple AirPods Pro. Its improved sound reproduction and the active noise canceling make it a feat among the wide variety of wireless headphones in the market. 

The AirPods Pro have some minor changes in its design but still matches the premium look and feel of the previous model. The earphone’s in-ear fit and silicon tip make it more stable in the ears so it doesn’t fall off easily. This feature makes them a good option for physical activities. The silicon ear tips come in three different sizes to ensure a better fit and seal for the users, although some may not find this as comfortable as the previous earbud design. The stems of AirPods Pro are a bit shorter compared to that of the original AirPods which people find unnatural because of its long length. 

Unlike the standard open-back AirPod model, AirPod Pro has a closed-back design that gives it a fairly neutral sound profile with stronger bass. The Active Noise Cancellation of the AirPods Pro is also an additional impressive feature. Its in-ear fit and closed-back enclosure allows the headphones to block out a lot of background noises that make a wonderful listening experience even while commuting as well as in crowded places. Users can switch on the noise cancellation feature with a long press to the AirPods or activate the switch to toggle on/off in the iPhone’s control panel, but using this will drain more battery. On the bright side, AirPod Pro has a slightly longer battery life and has a standby mode when not in use which helps conserve battery.

These upgrades in AirPods Pro don’t come cheap. The price of the new Apple AirPods Pro is $249 at Walmart, a $105 increase to the previous cost of the AirPod model at $144. 

So is it worth the upgrade? 

Apple’s style instinct remains very strong, and these cool, minimalist buds are considered by many to be one of the top trends in designer ear wear. Upgrading to AirPods Pro is worth it. Considering the overall improvements, AirPods Pro is truly a well-designed wireless headphone that beat previous models. With its in-ear fit, silicon tips, and active noise cancellation, these headphones are a great choice for a more stable and better-listening experience. So, if one of your non-negotiable requirements is to secure a desirable fashion accessory, then Apple AirPods should be near the top of your list.B