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How To Make It To Top 20


There are probably many students that are in their beginning years of high school who would like to make the top twenty list as a senior. It is a very possible, but difficult goal to accomplish. It is greatly achievable by studying and trying your best in academics. Darian McDonough explains that becoming top twenty was a goal of hers and anytime she saw her grades about to ‘slip’ she worked harder. She maintained skills of determination and hard work. A message that she would like to tell other younger students that would like to make top twenty in the future is that you should always try your best in everything you do. However, Jenna Greenberg did not think of being in the top twenty as goal, she just thought it would be a great accomplishment. She just focused on getting good grades instead of focusing on the concept of being in the top twenty. Some skills that she utilized to get to this academic level were having great focus and attention during class, being able to socialize with others to converse about a certain class, and of course, working hard. She would like to say to future students focused on such academic achievement to just really pay attention in class because it genuinely helps you get the most amount of information. She claims that even if you have a lot happening at home having paid attention in class aids you in the sense that you do not have to catch up as much. Chidera Ejikeme, in a both jokingly and serious manner states that her ability to last with two hours of sleep helped her become top twenty. She claims that her personality is one in which she feels bad if she doesn’t do the most, and unlike most students she enjoys studying. She also has a lot of prior knowledge on the topics she has learned. A message that she would like to give future students is don’t stress yourself out and that you are doing fine now. She wants to remind them to focus on learning more than the actual grade. Overall, even if your goal is to make top twenty always remember to enjoy high school as it is and do not stress yourself too much.