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Boys Basketball Wins League 4 Co-Championship


The boys varsity basketball team has been something special this season to say the least. Most of these boys have played basketball with each other from a young age, learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and eventually building off of them. The trust that this group has in each other is unimaginable, which was the ultimate factor in the team’s success this season. They played extraordinarily well during the regular season, scoring themselves a strong rank in the league. Going into the last game of the season, the boys were ranked second behind only Kings Park. The top spot was held by an incredibly talented Kings Park, but Hills West boys had other plans, however. The boys went into their last game, knowing that they had to win if they wanted the slightest chance at the first place crown.

They demonstrated excellence on the court, displaying teamwork and precision, winning their final game, 67-48 against Kings Park and giving themselves a shot at a tie for first. However, Kings Park was playing the number three seed, Harborfields, and were expected to win this game and maintain their first place rank in the league. Incredibly, Harborfields was able to pull off the upset and allow Hills West to match Kings Park as the number one seed in the league.

Accomplishments like these require talent, hard work, and trust out on the court. The team showed all of these characteristics and are off to the playoffs seeking further success. Sophomore player Zach Seltzer describes the team as “a talented young team and a very enthusiastic bench, making our wins a full team effort”