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The Return of Mary Poppins

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins (wdwnt.com)

After just about 54 years, the movie Mary Poppins has found its way into history’s top film pieces.  It blended creative layers of genres and posed as a model for a great feel-good story, that could catch any family’s interest.  People such as Dick van Dyke and Julie Andrews who were known as true treasures as actors and actresses. They helped make this film’s contributions to movies of the modern times.  It is truly a known fact that Mary Poppins was and still is the musical film that has never blown a wrinkle in the dynamic changes of Hollywood, and everyone’s views of films overall.

Now, in the 21st century, we have welcomed forward a mind-blowing sequel to this ravishing sixties film.  The film named Mary Poppins Returns has hit theatres, and with powerful force, while already copping a whopping total $174 million in box office cash, the movie is on a collision course with many other films and all are on a quest for prestigious film prices. These prices include mainly academy awards such as the Oscars and Golden Globes. All incredibles feats to be considered for, and even someday obtain.

The film Mary Poppins Returns contains not just a beloved story, but a star-studded cast as well.  The cast includes premiere actress Emily Blunt, broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, and former Oscar-nominated actor Colin Firth.  These actors and actresses play the key roles that made the film what it is.

After seeing the film myself I considered it to be a bit of less of a breathtaking experience than its predecessor.  It was different in many ways, it was a dreamy story, that was well thought out. It did a great job of combining different stories, such as in books, and even in random inanimate objects that appeared in the film that drastically became something that had meaning.  This movie was very well thought out but missed the mark a bit in terms of storyline. It was a bit of a repeating roller coaster that would keep going up and down. There weren’t different plans and ideas, it was all just one cycle that continued. However, one thing that was great about this film was that it had a body and soul, and films that contain those credentials usually go a long way in making a buoyant, feel-good story.  This was the deciding factor that made me realize that the movie in general opinion was just okay, but positive factors of the soul of the film helped carry it over the line as a movie that I would consider good. But moreover, the film has great continuing ideas from the last Mary Poppins and features some surprises in its story and cast intertwining.  These are also easter eggs of sorts, that are great for people to search for, along with nostalgic settings and good-old Poppins’ magic tricks.

Overall, I would consider this movie a fairly good piece of work, but it definitely could have used some changes within the storyline and the factors on the basis of how the story changes. This is because the film can have such incredible musical talent, that it might make your head turn one way, while it should be turning the other.  The film truly is just like a puzzle and you must put together the puzzle in just the right way, but if you make a mistake, you start building the puzzle around the mistake. In the end, above all, the film Mary Poppins Returns is a movie that you will mainly like for its cheerful soul and incredibly talented cast.