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See You at the Flagpole Day

Zachariah Wright has recently joined the Roundup team as an intern and wanted to share the news of a great tradition in Hills West. Nurse Patty, our beloved caretaker and advisor of the school's christian club, gave her take on the event.

What is the name of the holiday? Can you explain it?
“It’s called “See You at the Flagpole Day” Basically, all of the college campuses and
schools across the United States set aside this day apart. It’s done in the beginning of the
school year. The youth and young adults gather around the flagpole to pray for one another,
their school, their community, their families, and this country.”
What do you do once you get to the flagpole?
“We usually all just hold hands and bow our heads to show unity as one of us prays. The
prayer can be random. Everyone is welcomed to pray, but it is not required.”
Oh, do you have to be of the Christian Faith?
No, of course not. We welcome everybody and we let God move in and through our
Awesome, so how was the turnout this year?
It was actually really good. I don’t think word got out too much though. One of the moms
said that her son wanted to join us as he got out of the car in the morning, but we had to go in.
He’s not the only one, other kids wanted to come join us too, but were disappointed that it
ended earlier. We met around 7:00 but had to be in for everyone to get ready for the first bell
and be on time to class.
What did the students take from this?
In years past, we would walk from the flagpole and they would say they felt different after
praying. They had a peace and had felt the presence of God. They had hope for the school
Dr. Catapano was there too right?
Yes he was! Last year when Dr. Catapano came, that was the first time a principal has
joined us. I was moved to tears that the principal would take the time to come and be there with
us. He’s such a great principal because he shows his support for every student and every club.
Personally, I feel it’s a great way to start the year. It brings a hedge of protection around the
school and a sense of unity.