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Coaches Corner: Sayville soars past Colts in aerial assault


The Hills West Colts found themselves on the wrong end of a shootout against one of the premier passing teams on Long Island and the result was a 40-27 loss at Sayville last Saturday.  The Golden Flashes were once again paced by the impressive combination of QB Jacob Cheshire and WR James Lyons who combined for 5 touchdowns against the normally stout Colts defense. The loss drops the Colts to 3-2 as they look to rebound this week at home against East Islip. I caught up with coach Madden earlier this week:

Obviously a 40-27 loss to Sayville wasn’t the result you were looking fir. Do you think they have the best offense on Long Island?

  • They must have one of the best offenses on Long Island. Their quarterback was great and they have some really good receivers who run great routes and their offensive line protected well. They also scored 40 points against really good defense so I think they are one of the best.

Recently you told me how your offensive line had really begun to gel, yet last week Sayville managed to record 10 sacks. How much credit do you give to their defense or was it simply just a bad day for your boys upfront?

  • I think it’s a combination of a lot of things. We held the ball too long and the offensive line didn’t slide the way they were supposed to play in and play out so the combination of a few things is the result of that.

Last week you told me how impressive Jacob Cheshire and James Lyons were and unfortunately they proved you right on Saturday. Are they the best wide receiver and quarterback duo you’ve seen?

  • They might be. I know they’re really good friends and they do a good job. They been playing football together for a long time. That’s what happens in Sayville. They definitely proved that they were pretty solid that’s for sure.

Is it unusual for a high school team to throw the ball 40 times in a game like Sayville did against you? Were you surprised by that?

  • I think that they had to throw the ball 40 times because we are very good against the run. I think that we’re going to start improving against the pass and do a much better job than last week. It was just that type of game, that’s what the game dictated for them and they executed.

This week the boys have an opportunity to redeem themselves at home against East Islip. What stands out to you about their team?

  • They’re a young team this year but traditionally they  have been very very tough. Historically they have been one of the best teams and programs on Long Island. I have great respect for head coach Ciampi. It’s going to be a 4 quarter battle because I know East Slip never quits, that’s for sure.

How difficult is it for you and your staff to get your team refocused  for these last 3 critical games of the regular season?

  • It’s important that these kids , especially the seniors , realize that this might be the last games they ever play football for Hills West or any other program so they have to be ready to go. The worst part for the players is regretting what they didn’t do during the process. My biggest fear is my players looking back in January and regretting that they didn’t do enough during the season. We’re hoping that their actions will speak much louder than their actual words have been. Their actions have to meet their words.

Thanks as always and I will see you next week.

This week the Colts return home for a battle against East Islip. Game time is 2pm.  Come on out and support our Colts! For the 1st time ever  I will be broadcasting the game “live” and doing play by play. You can find it on www.hillswestroundup.com