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How Far Have We Really Come?


Within the last year, the topic of racism in America has not only resurfaced but reached an entirely new level. Although African-Americans are no longer bound by chains, it is clear that they are and will continue to be constricted by the ignorance within American society.

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Police brutality, hate crimes and racial slurs have become more prevalent in the United States in the last few months than it has in years. Although it has been fifty years since the Civil Rights movement, it seems as if we have taken a few step backwards.

Earlier yesterday, a piece of paper stating, “Whites Only,” was posted next to a water fountain in front of a men’s bathroom on the University of Buffalo campus. The students were and continue to be in an outrage – as displayed by their media uproar. A campus inhabited by several Hills West Alumni, the University of Buffalo has admitted that the sign was a part of a student project regarding human behavior. The goal one might ask? – to see how the student body would react. Well, the students reacted. Many went to social media sites to declare the postage of the sign was not only “racist,” but an act of “terrorism.” A Hills West alumni, who requested to stay anonymous, said, “It’s just ridiculous. People don’t understand the amount of rage a sign like that can cause – even if it’s just a joke.” As the debates continue, students are demanding not only an explanation but an apology.

It seems that racial ignorance is still alive and well within the United States. It is one-sided to deny the grand and drastic changes that have occurred to steer this country away from racism. However, with acts such as these it is hard to remember all the good that has been done. It makes one wonder, how far have we really come?