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Musician of the Month: Christina Chung

Photo Credit: Christina Nicolette
Photo Credit: Christina Nicolette

I sat down with Christina Chung, grade 10, to find out more about her path down the music lane.

Christina has been playing the violin for nearly nine years and has become a true talent. When asked about why she began to play the violin Chung responded, “I got involved with music because of my mom and sister. They felt that I would enjoy being apart of the music world.” She continued playing because it became one of her favorite things to do. Christina uses her instrument to help her relax after long, tedious days. Chung had mentioned that her family had encouraged her to begin playing the violin, and often teens feel resentment towards parents for making them play. However, Christina assured me, that despite her first reactions, she really fell in love with the instrument. Despite the ups and downs throughout the years, Christina’s playing has brought her a tremendous amount of enjoyment. Music has been nothing but a gift to Christina, and has only brought her positive vibes. When asked about her favorite piece of music, Christina eagerly responded, “Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor”.

Christina has been a participant in SCMEA, LISFA, MYO and GYO. We wish her a lifetime of music, and hope she continues playing.