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Netflix Addictions

Photo Credit: www.tomsguide.com
Photo Credit: www.tomsguide.com

In a generation where technology is the predominant commonality, it is no surprise that things like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Netflix are taking the world by storm. Since high school is extremely demanding when it comes to keeping up with grades and activities, many students have less time to spend watching TV. Luckily, an alternative was created in 1997; Netflix. Netflix currently has more than 50 million subscribers globally.

Netflix is an internet-based provider of on-demand streaming media. It charges $7.99-$8.99 a month for the streaming service where subscribers can watch countless numbers of shows and movies. Netflix also creates original series such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, which was praised by critics in the Huffington Post as well as Washington Post, and has won many comedy show awards. If the movie or television show a subscriber wants to watch is not on the streaming service, the subscriber can get the DVD service where the DVD is sent right to their door in a first-class postal package. To make things even more convenient, there is a Netflix app available for download.

Many students show signs of Netflix addictions. The main reasons for someone’s addiction to Netflix are that it is fast, efficient, and a great way to relax. Let’s face it, not everybody is patient and has the time to take a trip to the store to buy a couple of DVDs. With Netflix, it takes approximately a minute to start up a movie or episode and can be watched from anywhere. Also, it’s a much better deal than buying a single episode off of iTunes. One episode will always leave you wanting more and since iTunes charges $2.99 per episode, a whole season could end up costing a hefty $25 to $30. Therefore, Netflix is much better in the long run. The primary reason behind the addiction, however, is that it’s an easy way to wind down after a busy day at school or after a sports practice. Nothing is more relaxing than catching up on your favorite show or watching your favorite movies. After you watch a few movies and/or episodes, Netflix provides a section for recommendations where you can discover new TV shows and movies.