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The 2014 New York State DECA Conference


This past week was the annual New York State DECA Conference in Rochester, New York. DECA members from around the state spent three days taking tests and acting out scenarios for a chance to win medals and qualify for the International Conference. Hills West walked away with 39 medals and 7 International qualifiers!

However, DECA States offers more than just a chance to win awards. There are also several business related assemblies and workshops that are free to attend for those who want to learn more about their field from actual business professionals. Elan Sharony, a Junior at Hills West and a DECA member for three years said, “States this year was incredible! We had so much fun just hanging out in the hotel and preparing for our events. This year I worked harder than any year before and I won my first medal as a result.”

This year was the first year that DECA had students take their qualifying exams in school online rather than in Rochester. While at first this seemed strange, it turned out to be very beneficial. Not having to pay for hundreds of written tests and allow time for everyone to take it, DECA was able to provide extra activities for the students. One of the most noticeable differences this year was the addition of a motivational speaker who gave what Hills West Junior Kanvar Gulati called “The most inspiring speech” he had ever heard.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners at the DECA State Conference!

New York State Winners (Qualified for International Competition)
2nd Place:  Brook Camarda
Jordan Camina
Matt Kipnis
Josh Bainnson
Zach Jayson

3rd Place: David Maliglowka

4th Place:  Elliot Vogel
Jake Weiner

New York State Top 10 Winners
Lexi Bainnson
Chris Connolly
Jake Jaworowski
Bailey Liao
Victoria Sacchetti
Skylar Schneider
Jake Geller
Evan Hochhauser
Sam Leifer
Max Park
Elan Sharony
Devin Dubin