February 24, 2024

Homecoming Festivities Come to an End

By: Aanchal Gulati

The offensive line holds its ground.

As 7 p.m. rolled around, the bleachers of the High School West gym began to fill up with students in red, white, yellow and blue shirts for the pep rally. From Animal Kingdom to Epcot, every aspect related to Disney was covered. Despite a disqualification of the juniors in the first competition, the excitement continued as an epic musical chair showdown occurred not once, not twice but three times between junior, Neneyo Mate-Kole and senior, Jacob Soshnic.

Despite the windy Saturday morning, many students lined up to take part in the Homecoming festivities. Standing outside under the crisp, fall sun, school spirit was in the air.  To top of the already wonderful weekend, our school even won our homecoming football game. Mia Pitsironis, a witness of the win, thought, “The excitement when our school won the homecoming game was insane, but the truth is even if we had lost, the experience would have been just as great because there is nothing better than a whole school coming together on one day to cheer each other on, support the homecoming court, and make fools of ourselves in the skits. This one day says so much about how amazing our school is.”

The game was full of excitement when the crowd found out that the Senior class won and the very deserving Bradley Kackzmareck and Carli Rumstein won homecoming king and queen! Pep rally and homecoming were both experiences that brought the whole school together. Aya Hassanien, a junior, said, ” I loved spending time with my school. Homecoming weekend united the High School West community.”