October 1, 2023

On January 19th, the girl’s basketball team were defeated by Bellport in a score of 63 to 41. Before the start of the game, the excitement running through the team was infectious. However once Bellport gained the upper hand, the West girls were unable to recapture a lead, resulting in the 22 point loss. Despite the loss, freshman Brittany Hodge performed extremely well; scoring 13 points while junior Sydney Sodine scored a total of 16 points. In the first quarter the girls were down by just 3 points and were putting up a good fight however the second quarter was not as forgiving. By the end of the third quarter Bellport was ahead by 13 points. Coach Mouzakes who describes her team as “unpredictable, happy, and hardworking” still had the utmost faith in her girls. The team persevered and gave it their all into the fourth and final quarter. Even though the girls lost they believe that “[they] have to work even harder in practice”, in the perspective of senior, Brittany Smith. The girls have seven more games to go until the end of the season and are practicing hard to bring home a couple more victories to finish off the season.