October 1, 2023

For the boys of Hills West basketball winning is the ultimate goal. Due to the fact that the goal is to win, it is only natural for players to get tense when things aren’t going the way they want. But in the game that occurred January 10th against Deer Park this was not the case. The team players were playing in peace. In reality, it was the fans, spectators and school supporters with the most tension at the game. Junior Matt Catania said, “We were cheering for our teams as they did well, but since the game was so back and forth the cheering turned into screaming and bashing people.”

Being a close and exciting game throughout the most tension came just minutes before the final buzzer.With Deer Park up a couple of points, Terry Harris thrilled the fans with a swoosh to the sound of the buzzer. At first it was called a three point shot tying the game 60-60. But seconds later the shot was changed to a two point shot causing Deer Park to win by one point. Unfortunately this was a tough and very close loss for Hills but the boys kept their heads up and in a very sportsmanlike manner shook hands with the other team. Player Denzel Williams said, “The game was tight but while we were playing we did not get stressed, tense or flustered. We just played to the best of our abilities.” Though they want to win every game, there is never more than competitive tension that goes on between the athletes. Senior Jessean Banks said, “I was a Deer Park student and I have nothing against the boys other than that we want to win every game.”

Though the players took the loss as a learning experience, the spectators allowed their tension to spill over into the parking lot after the game. An altercation occurred between a few of the Deer Park and Hills West students. But administration quickly handled the situation before it got really out of hand. Many of the players didn’t even know of the fight until hours after the game had ended, Williams said, “In the locker room we did not know about a fight but we took the loss as a time to work harder and it was a lesson for us.” Both the team and its coaches kept their spirits up and made a lesson out of the events of the night. Coach Mitaritonna said, “The intensity was great and it was a good game overall.” Mess-ups happen and unfortunately we can’t win every game but we take our losses lightly and make the most of every game afterwards. Player David Lewis remarked, “We didn’t take the loss personal. We just thought of us as being lucky that we lost early on and not late in the season.” Hills West will go up against Deer Park again on February 2nd and hopefully this time the boys come out on top.