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Hills West Clubs End Year With a Bang

Cross Campus Chamber Orchestra at their spring concert
Credit: Lilly Milman
Tri-M’s Broadway trip
Credit: Dean Fulgoni
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Credit: Alexander Parker
Credit: Dean Fulgoni

As yet another school year draws to a close, many students are faced with conflicting feelings about summer vacation. Most students are looking forward to having the extra sleep and time in the sun, but are nevertheless disappointed about leaving the after school clubs that make high school enjoyable. Because the last day of school is inevitable, many clubs have decided to celebrate the end of this school year with fun activities and events.

Many clubs often cap off their year with small individual parties, but the foreign language clubs do something a little different. “The Spanish, French and Italian clubs all come together for a party on the last week of school,” explained Señora Munoz, advisor of the Spanish Club, “We’re going to play Dominoes and Bachi Ball…The kids think it sounds like a lot of fun.” Besides games, the end of the year party also consists of different foods and aspects from each clubs culture.

After a long year of hard work and a draining concert season, the Tri -M Music Honor Society is celebrating their success with a trip to Broadway. “The students are very excited about our trip,” said club advisor and chorus teacher Mrs. Martufi. The club for musically gifted students is going to see the Tony Award winning “Once,” a musical about two musicians who fall in love while one helps the other pursue his dream. “We’ve worked very hard all year in the music department. It’s time to relax and have some fun,” added Mrs. Martufi.

However, sometimes the end of the year calls for preparation of even greater pursuits, as is the case this year for the Cross Campus Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. After hours of preparation for the Spring concert, members of the club are set to perform at NYSSMA Majors, a festival that is held every year in the spring.  Teachers bring their orchestras and bands to be professionally evaluated and critiqued on their performance at this festival.  Only a few select music groups on Long Island participate in this event, but the experience is nothing new for the Cross Campus Chamber Orchestra advisor, Mrs. Romeo. “The Cross Campus Chamber Orchestra and Wind Ensemble has been to NYSSMA Majors every year [since the ensembles] have been in existence,” said Mrs. Romeo, who created the club in 2006, “We have earned 3 Gold medals and 5 Gold with Distinction awards.”  The Cross Campus Chamber Orchestra won a Gold medal for their performance this year.

Whether your club is celebrating the final weeks of school with a party, a field trip or preparing for a highly regarded competition, there’s no doubt that club advisers try their best to make the last days worth while for their students. Clubs offer students the opportunity to express themselves, meet new friends, and most of all, develop memories that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, when the school year ends, students must part with their favorite teachers and clubs. Although the experience is especially tough on seniors, they can leave high school with fond memories of the time they spent here. With the departing crowd of students comes the arrival of the incoming freshman class: a new group of ambitious students who can enjoy the high school experience and be inspired by the clubs and activities Hills West has to offer.