February 24, 2024

Over the past weeks, with the NFL season coming to an end, many head coaches have been fired. The following coaches have been fired from their respective teams:

  • Mike Vrable – Titans
  • Bill Bellicheck – Patriots
  • Pete Carroll – Seahawks
  • Arthur Smith – Falcons
  • Ron Rivera – Commanders

Many of these coaches have been on their teams for a long time, while others have been there for a short amount of time. Bill Bellicheck has been with the Patriots since before Brady. During his 23 year tenure he won 6 super bowls. Pete Caroll has been a longtime head coach for the Seahawks, even making the Super Bowl twice and winning one of them. When it comes to students at Hills West’s thoughts, tenth grader Ayaan Pervez thinks “that the league is leaving a golden age”.

The time has come where many coaching vacancies are getting filled. The following coaches have been hired to the following positions:

  • Jared Mayo – Patriots (former Patriots assistant coach)
  • Antonio Pierce – Raiders (was an interim HC during season)
  • Brian Callahan – Titans (former Bengals OC)

There are still many opportunities for these head coaches:

  • Bill Belicheck
  • Ben Johnson (Lions OC)
  • Jim Harbaugh (Michigan HC)
  • Bobby Slowik (Texans OC)
  • Dan Quinn (Cowboys DC)

I predict that Harbaugh will go to the Chargers, Johnson will go to the Falcons, Slowik will go to the Commanders, and Quinn will go to the Seahawks.