June 19, 2024

Flamingo Dance Spanish Field Trip

Here at High School West, one of our most prominent language classes is that of Spanish. Señora Militana, who runs a majority of the Spanish classes here at West along with clubs such as Spanish Club and Glamour Gals, gave students an incredibly memorable experience this Monday, September 20th, right before Thanksgiving.

This experience consisted of a field trip to see an authentic Flamenco Dance performance complete with an authentic Mexican dinner after the show. Along with the talented dancers, the Flamenco dance also consisted of a miniature Mariachi band and singer who performed the music for the dancers.

All students who went on the trip, including those who have and haven’t had the opportunity to experience a performance like this, said that the Flamenco trip was an incredibly enjoyable and interesting experience. Señora Militana and the Spanish Department express their pleasure with the trip, and they intend to push for more interesting Spanish related trips to help engage their students and add to their appreciation of Spanish culture.