June 19, 2024

Have you ever walked around in the mall and been handed a poppy? Veterans hand out Poppies to get donations to fund care for veterans suffering from the effects of war. The first organization to hand out poppies was the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The VFW distributed “Buddy Poppies” after the name of the factory in Pittsburgh where disabled veterans had assembled them. 

Veterans with disabilities have been helping out our society for ages. Ms. Arabian has collected poppies from veterans with disabilities for the social studies honor society to distribute to Otsego and Vanderbilt Elementary schools. Her students will not only be distributing these poppies to young children but will be educating children about Veterans Day and how we should support the Veterans who risk their lives to fight for our country. So next time you have a Veteran giving you a Poppy, give them five dollars and acknowledge them for their impact on our country.