May 24, 2024

Thanksgiving: It’s Not Just Turkey!

On November 22nd, Americans across the 50 states will sit down and eat their All-American meals, watch the football game, and enjoy spending time with their families. There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, and many types of foods that families will eat. Try one of these fun new Thanksgiving plates detailed for you here!

Instead of turkey, prepare a common alternative such as cornish game hen. They are smaller in size and usually fill up one person per hen. They are similar to turkey and can be stuffed with the common stuffing, or some fun new stuffings such as cranberries or apples. These alternatives will surely spice up your platter this Thanksgiving!

However, the main plate of Thanksgiving doesn’t have to have to be meat. Vegetarians have their way of celebrating the feast, like skipping the turkey, but keeping the stuffing. Stuffing with cranberries is a great way to have the filling part of the meal, without eating the meat. Watching the carbs?  Skip the stuffing all together and have some bite size whole wheat rolls. Thanksgiving can be a filling meal, don’t over stuff.  One way to avoid this is to be sure your first course has greens. A pear and celery salad is a great way to start out your dinner on a lighter note.

For those looking to shake up the usual pumpkin pie dessert, a great start is, well, mini pumpkin pies! This is a healthy alternative as bite-sized foods often encourage people to eat less.  Some other options include key lime pie and lemon meringue pie.  Pie not your thing? Try  some banana pudding or the classic brownie a la mode.  There are no ways to go wrong when it comes to dessert.

When November 22nd rolls around, and you’ve got some spare ingredients, be sure to try out some of these not so normal platters. And remember, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.