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Hills West’s First Annual Field Day!


With the second half of the school year in full swing, there is much anticipation of spring events, especially for the senior class. Because of the experimentation with the hybrid model at West, it was difficult to organize in-person events following all COVID guidelines. And considering the fact that the school’s capacity was split in half, it would be a risk to have everyone come back for a 3-4 hour event. 

Unfortunately, the school’s most exciting festivity, homecoming, was canceled. Although we all knew this was coming, the student body was outraged and hoped that in the spring we would have an activity to make up for it. “I’m not surprised that homecoming was canceled because the cases were still on the higher side but if we don’t have something later this year I might just have to sue”, said an anonymous junior. Out of all of the classes, the seniors were the most hurt by this news because they make up the homecoming court and would have one final chance to defeat the underclassmen in the pep rally games. “I really would’ve like to see the look on my brother’s face once my grade crushes him and his friends in the tug of war. We always win!” explained a senior. Even though homecoming wasn’t taking place this year, there has been buzz about ideas for future activities for the end of the year.

In a Board of Education meeting on March 22nd, the same meeting that confirmed senior prom, a new idea was introduced that was met with mass approval. To replace homecoming, the school would host a field day for all students. The board decided that this would be the best option for a homecoming replacement because it would “be a way for students to stay active and keep school spirit in addition to taking COVID guidelines into consideration”. Field day would take place at the beginning of June and follow the conventions and rules of the elementary schools. But instead of being divided up randomly into groups with a definitive color, students will be divided by grade like they traditionally for the homecoming pep rally. As the name suggests, the games will take place outside, between the baseball and football fields. All of the games you remember playing in elementary school like the sponge pass and baton relay races will be incorporated into field day. The woods will also be utilized specifically for a schoolwide water balloon fight against the grades. 

Once the details of this new activity were disclosed, there was a great amount of excitement as soon as it was announced. “I can’t wait for this to happen because it’ll be a great way to end the year and make up for everything we’ve lost this year”, stated a senior. Despite the seniors not receiving special treatment this time around, it will be a fun experience for all students and staff alike to embrace their inner youth.