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How You Can Still Enjoy Your Halloween


BOO! Did I scare you? Hopefully not enough that you can’t continue reading.  It’s that spooky time of the year again and although Halloween may not be the same due to COVID-19, there are still plenty of activities you can do to enjoy the holiday.  These activities may include socially distanced trick or treating, social distancing costume parties, scary storytelling on Zoom, and more.

One fun activity you can partake in this upcoming Halloween is socially distanced trick or treating. This activity allows us to continue Halloween’s main event while still staying safe.  Instead of the usual knocking on people’s doors and them handing you candy, this may consist of you grabbing pre-bagged candy at mailboxes, or by dropping pre-bagged candy bags off at people’s doors.

Another activity to take part in is social distancing costume parties in someone’s backyard.  Weather permitting, this is a great way to see friends and family and stay festive while remaining safe.  As with any activities involving you going outside this year, I would definitely advise wearing a mask, and even trying to incorporate it into your costume.

A third activity you can enjoy this holiday is scary storytelling on zooms.  Tell a couple of friends to grab some snacks, switch off the lights, and hop on a Zoom call.  Have some fun getting spooked out with friends while protecting your health and playing it smart this holiday.

Although this may not be the Halloween we hoped for, it can still be a great experience.  As long as we keep a positive attitude, such as High School West sophomore Sydney Levinton, who says “[she’s] glad [she] can enjoy [her] Halloween and still stay safe”, we can all enjoy this holiday.