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How to See Friends and Family During Quarantine

Lovely preschool age girl celebrating her 5th birthday in home isolation because of pandemic of COVID-19 in her country while talking with abroad family on a computer.

The Coronavirus pandemic swept through the nation and across the globe throughout this month, making it a topic in every conversation. Schools in New York state have been closing one by one to prevent the spread of the pandemic to students and faculty alike. After several school closings, various places including restaurants, performance venues, amusement parks along with other places of high capacity. Since many of these places are closed and events are postponed, it has been difficult for many to remain entertained in the comfort of their homes for weeks on end. 

However, it is easier now than ever to connect with friends and family while following social distancing protocols. Several video calling apps are available to socialize with others and see their faces. Many people recently have been using Zoom not just for online classes but to communicate with loved ones. The app Houseparty now has games to play while on video calls like Heads Up Charades and trivia games. Although it is not the same as seeing friends and family in person, it is still worthwhile interacting with people who you usually spend a lot of time with. There are also newer options like the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party which is just like going to the movies virtually. This extension lets you watch movies and television shows with friends from separate devices. Even though people are recommended to stay inside and remain six feet away from others when outside, many have been using this rule to their advantage. When celebrating birthdays in quarantine, you can have a mini parade in your neighborhood from the comfort of your front yard. All across the country, people have driven through residential areas in their cars with balloons and posters to give loved ones an unforgettable birthday surprise. People also have intimate social gatherings from their cars like picnics and barbeques so that they can get fresh air while staying six feet apart. Despite this being a difficult time to live through, this time can be used to your advantage to connect with important people in your life.