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Suffolk Zone Senior Awards


The Suffolk Zone Senior Awards are awarded to two students, one boy and one girl, with strong leadership skills, athletic ability, and a positive character. This year at Hills West, seniors Ashley Rogers and Will Jennings received the award for upholding these qualities consistently both during their gym classes and outside.
In order to get the award, students must meet a certain grade criteria and show participation and initiative in their extracurriculars. Ashley Rogers is president of the Varsity Club at High School West and has hosted a fundraising event in the last year and plans on hosting one this year. Through her efforts to help the community, she proved herself to be an active role model for her peers. She believes anyone who earns this award shouldn’t necessarily strive for it but really just try to put effort and enjoy their physical education classes throughout their high school years. Ashley emphasizes the fact that everyone should try to involve themselves in activities that require working with their peers and others in order to maintain good leadership skills.
Will Jennings, another recipient of the Suffolk Zone Senior Award, was, like Ashley, unaware of the award’s existence until he received it. He thinks that the main reason he was considered for the award in the first place was because of his interest and the amount of effort and work he put into his physical education classes, and other classes. As a student, Will demonstrates his ability to be a natural leader and work to his full potential. Following the guidelines of the award, he is involved in many clubs and activities, mainly being the president of Math National Honor Society.
Ashley and Will’s cooperation with their fellow peers and teachers made them become obvious candidates for their achievements and success.