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Are the 90s coming back?


Being on trend and looking good has been such an important factor in this society. Social media lets us know what the latest trends are, especially in fashion. The 90’s was a generation of so many trends and styles, and recently, these styles have been coming back. This decade was a generation of many shows we know like Friends, Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air​, and more. The 90’s were a simpler time filled with many unique accessories and clothing. One example of a nineties fashion trend that is returning is denim jackets. Overall, denim has been a bigger trend in clothing. Many students wear different types of denim jackets like ripped ones or denim in different colors. Mom jeans are also a very big trend at the moment. This is a cute, vintage style that has become increasingly more popular. Another popular trend is the plaid design. The 90’s was filled with plaid, especially because of the movie ​Clueless​. Plaid has been popular all over the internet. Many people have been wearing plaid tops, pants, and skirts. Several new accessories have also been returning from the 90s. One major accessory is scrunchies. Scrunchies are adorable and can be used to wear just on your wrist or in your hair. It helps to give accent to your style and comes in many different colors. If you have looked around the school lately many students probably have scrunchies on their wrists. Another accessory that is on trend are hoops. Hoops are just circular earrings that come in many different sizes and colors. This trend first started in the 90’s and now many more people are wearing them. Another returning 90’s trend are those small, round sunglasses. It’s a very unique style, but only some people can pull it off. They match with any outfit and come in many different styles. One last accessory that has become popular are belts. Not just regular belts, but very big or chunky belts that give more detail and design to your jeans. There are also new buckle designs on belts that have been very popular. Overall, 90s fashion has been very significant in the clothes we wear. A lot of the inspiration we get for our fashion has been from many 90s shows. Although we are becoming more modern, our fashion styles are inspired by the looks of the nineties.