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I Got 95 Problems and AP Euro is Now One


It’s a cutthroat society we exist in today.

Compelled by the constant, ubiquitous presence of college, we push ourselves past our limits and keep on going.

And it’s exhausting. We can complain about stress all we’d like, but that won’t get us into our dream school. Thus, we fill our schedule with every AP under the sun, every sport from fencing to football, and we spearhead every club in our repertoire.

Next year, High School West is adding another Advanced Placement social studies class to the mix. For history nerds and amateurs alike, this new elective will provide students with the ability to fully immerse themselves in the world of European nobles, serfs, vassals, and the bourgeoisie. AP Euro running is contingent upon student interest. It looks like, for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, for the first time in years, enough interest has been generated.

So, for students who are wondering if a year studying autocrats, dictators and megalomaniacs is right for them, what does AP Euro entail? Well, ladies and gents, it sure isn’t easy. It is a rigorous, college-level course that was replaced by AP World as the sophomore level advanced placement social studies course. It starts in the year 1450 (for reference, for those who took AP World, that would be Period 4) and covers material up to the modern day. Similarly to other advanced social studies courses, this class analyzes and interprets historical events contextually, giving students a new lens through which to view the history of Europe. By focusing on the people in conjunction with the places to produce the events that impacted history, AP Euro provides an in-depth understanding of the history of a complex region.

Although AP Euro has not gained enough traction at High School West for the past few years, it has remained a staple at High School East. Gary Armyn, senior at East and AP Euro student describes the class as, “intellectually stimulating, challenging, with a friendly and light atmosphere.” He goes on to explain his personal experience in the class, saying “The small class size, and the fact that it is a mostly upperclassmen class makes for interesting discussion and creates more opportunities for deep analysis of historical trends. It was overall very rewarding and probably one of the best decisions I’ve made my senior year.”

So, if you’re a history fanatic or maybe you just want to better understand the plot of Game of Thrones, AP Euro is a chance to explore new passions and conquer new challenges. Only time will tell if it gains popularity within High School West.

So, Martin Luther may have had 95 theses, but all of this homework is giving me 95 problems. And I guess AP Euro will now be one.