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Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Georgakopoulos

Photo Credit: Lilly Milman
Photo Credit: Lilly Milman
Photo Credit: Lilly Milman

Greeks are often known for being fiery, vivacious people, and Elizabeth Georgakopoulos is no exception. The Hills West junior has used her bubbly, outgoing, and passionate personality to accomplish more in her sixteen-years of life than others even begin to imagine. And it is only the beginning.

“I decided to run [for SEC] because I wanted to bring the upcoming school year to the next level and create an unforgettable last year in high school for our senior class,” she exclaimed excitedly. Although Elizabeth lost the race for SEC Vice-President, she was rewarded with the title of SEC Student Liaison, a position presented by the advisors to those who are known for their excellence both inside and outside of the classroom.

“I act as an advocate for the student body,” replied Georgakopoulos, “I am like the ‘middle man’ when communication is occurring between SEC and the student body.”

Elizabeth’s excellence has not gone unnoticed. Admired and respected by her peers, teachers, and coaches, she leaves a positive mark everywhere she goes. Athena Priftakis, a close friend of Georgakopoulos, stated:

Elizabeth is the most perserverent person I have ever encountered. She works so incredibly hard and strides through all the difficult times in life with such grace. Not only is she academically successful, but she is also a black belt in karate and now a member of the Student Executive Council (SEC). There is honestly nothing that comes to mind that I think Elizabeth can’t do.

When asked about her plans for next year, Georgakopoulos replied, “My goals include working with the other amazing SEC members to get everybody pumped and ready for homecoming and other school events. Also, introducing new ideas to further the ‘Hills West experience.'”

Besides SEC, Elizabeth is actively involved in several other clubs and sports, including karate. “My friends often refer to me as a ‘certified ninja’ because I have been doing karate for over thirteen years.” She is an active member of the Greek Orthodox Youth of America, or GOYA, speaks fluent Greek, and has a deep love for music, participating in the school’s jazz ensemble Blue Notes.

Elizabeth Georgakopoulos has proved to be powerful and successful when pursuing all of her endeavors. When looking over her extensive résumé, it is incomprehensible to imagine something Georgakopoulos cannot accomplish. The only unanswered question that remains is what will she do next?