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Nicolas Daly and Jaime Weinreb


Jaime Weinreb and Nick Daly:
Another real-life couple, Nick and Jaime were nothing but exhilarated to be participating in the court together. They worked hard not only to make us all smile and cheer during their skit, but to memorize each and every word to the extremely wordy hit song “Selfie,” lip syncing and dancing throughout its entirety. Jaime and Nick worked their acting muscles in order to portray each lyric with emotion, never breaking out of character despite Nick’s being dressed exactly like Jaime; matching booty shorts and all. He also wore a very convincing wig that had us all wondering if it was really him underneath. Although the memorization of dance moves along with lyrics was a challenge, this couple earned a standing ovation for their hard work.

Q: What was your most memorable moment?
A: Sitting in the jaguar during the parade while everyone was taking pictures.
Q: What was the most stressful part about being in the court?
A: Preparing for the skit because I didn’t know the dance and Jaime was stressing me out.
Q: How did it feel to dress up like a girl for your skit in front of the whole school?
A: I felt like a really pretty girl.

Q: What was it like preparing for homecoming?
A: Preparing has been so hectic! It’s hard to make time when I have loads of school work and SAT prep after school?
Q: What was the hardest part?
A: The hardest part was getting Nick to memorize the words of our skit (he still doesn’t know them).
Q: What did you look forward to the most?
A: I was looking forward to performing my skit at pep rally and I was also really excited to see everyone else’s.