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Jordan Stummer and Alexis Mitchnick


Alexis Mitchnick and Jordan Stummer paraded down Wolf Hill Road this weekend in their neon green Lamborghini. Mitchnick, who participates in the homecoming parade every year with the Hills West Wranglerettes, had a very unique experience this year. “It was definitely different and a new perspective, but I really enjoyed it!” she explains. With her fellow “Wrang Gang” traveling behind, Mitchnick smiled and waved to the crowd with her homecoming partner, Jordan Stummer. Stummer, the kicker for the Hills West Colts, had to juggle the homecoming football game and being in the homecoming court all at once. “It was a little nerve racking knowing that after the parade I would be playing in front of the huge crowd that attended the game, but seeing all the people there just before kickoff made the weekend that much more amazing.” Stummer explains.