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LI Parties: How Far is Too Far?


It’s no secret that strict parents make sneaky kids. Even the most responsible parents can’t keep their children away from the temptations of alcohol, drugs, and making more bad decisions. Most importantly, they are unable to discourage their children from photographing a crazy night’s poor decisions.  LI PARTY STORIES, an anonymous Twitter account that has gained over 22,000 followers, documents photos of high school students participating in illegal activities, mostly underage drinking. A visit to this now deleted account may have shocked you with photos of exposed bodies, mountains of cheap beer, inappropriate poses, and the aftermath of the infamous high school parties.

Students would submit photos anonymously to the creator of the page, whose identity is still unknown, through Snapchat or a private message. News channels have encouraged viewers to unfollow the account, but the extra attention from the media had only garnered the account more views. The account has collected photos from all over Long Island, including several photos from Dix Hills. From beer guzzling to vodka shots, these nights of intoxication are well depicted through these visually disturbing images.

Was the shutdown of this account really necessary? Parents argued that colleges could easily access these photos of applicants and prospective students, giving these students a distinct disadvantage in the college decision process. A Hills West student posted on the site explaining the embarrassment of being judged by followers of the account. While some students who were featured on the site found the photos funny, many more were afraid that the pictures give the wrong impression about their behavior.

(Shown above is a blurred photo of 2 long island teens drinking posted on the twitter account, this photo however was posted without the respectable blur)


Should the account be blamed for the unruly teens’ behaviors? The famed account has made itself onto the UK News Website “Daily Mail,” where a reader posted the following comment: “If these kids wouldn’t do these things, these pictures wouldn’t exist. Parents are focusing on the wrong thing. The Twitter account is the least of their problems!” Certainly, crazy nights often lead to crazy photos but once these photos are posted to public social media, there is no guaranteeing who will be seeing these photos.