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Eggplant Parmigiana With a Side of Theft


A mysterious crime happened on February 18th, 2014 in an Italian restaurant called Pines of Florence in Alexandria, VA. I was sitting with my family and all of a sudden, an old lady who spoke a mysterious language called for help in English. That was the little English she spoke. She continued talking in her language. I looked through the mirror in front of me to see what was going on when my sister Madelaine turned around. An old man was grabbing something from the lady.  He was telling her to give him back his wallet. She then said in English that he dropped it and she picked it up. He didn’t care and took her pocketbook and took everything out. He found his wallet and she started talking in her mysterious language again. The waiter stood behind them and started to verbally restrain the man. I was beginning to think that this was a skit that they do every night, but I wasn’t sure. My mother said that her heart was racing, and my sister Alexis looked concerned about this situation.

Another woman sitting at a table suggested getting an interpreter to find out the older woman’s language. The waiter wasn’t doing anything about this and said that this man was a regular customer and that he’s fine. Someone suggested calling the police but no one did. My father went to look for someone in the kitchen to call the police, but there was no one in there. I was now considering that this was some sort of prank or reality show, and it would show the hidden cameras in the kitchen watching whoever would look in there to find someone. He then went to the same waiter and told him to call the police. No one knew who was innocent, since the old man was grabbing apparently “his” wallet out of the woman’s hands and yelling. A younger man sitting behind the woman asked her to leave as well since according to him, she was making everyone feel uncomfortable.  We don’t know if the lady stole the wallet or not, since she could barely communicate. The wallet was eventually found in her bag. The man left again and the waiter went outside to talk to him. Soon, the lady left as well, and neither of them came back. A long time after their departure, the police finally came. It was only one cop, and he came through the front door to see what was going on. The waiter then took him aside and told him what happened. It looked like the waiter paid the cop money and then he left. This crime is a mystery to us all.