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How is the U.S. Doing in the Winter Olympics?


It seems that the United States’ Olympic athletes are finding their way to the gold. As of today the United States is fifth in the medal count with a total of 12 medals: four gold, two silver and six bronze. On Tuesday, the United States’ was given one of the biggest upsets yet. While two-time Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White placed first in the Men’s Halfpipe Qualification, five hours later he placed fourth in the finals, an event he was expected to win.  The U.S. competitors also had some great surprises. The U.S. saw some of its newest athletes not only succeed but take home the gold. Yesterday the U.S. seemed unstoppable in the Men’s Ski Slopestyle Final. In it, the U.S. won the gold and silver medals, with Joss Christensen taking home the gold and Gus Kenworthy bringing in the silver. Shortly after Christensen’s win, first time Olympian Kaitlyn Farrington won the gold medal in the Ladies’ Halfpipe Finals. The U.S. still has time to increase its medal count, and hopefully we will see more of our athletes win more medals within the next few days.