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Senior Superlative Winners


Most Musical: Brianna Robinson, Sam Gochman

Best Dressed: Connor Duenas, Bria Martone

Most Artistic: Lois Kim, Joe Ramsay

Best Person to be Stuck in an Elevator With: Pooja Pandya, Dan Altman

Most likely to Succeed: Dia Su, Bailey Liao

Most Likely to Impress Your Parents: Carly Berger, Steven Fischer

Mr. and Mrs. Hills West: Renee Russo, Jason Rahimzadeh

Most Likely to Win The Hunger Games: Simon Lee, Ciska Bosua

Best Sense of Humor: Jenna Marinis, Connor Duenas

Most Likely to Become a Professional Athlete: Francesca Casalino, Dylan Greenberg

Worst Senioritis: Paola Reyes, Jake Jaworoski

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Kim Gillman, Jake Bloom

Most Extreme Transformation Tuesday:  Kiara Pizzuro, Cole Bernstein

Best Smile: Doug Notti, Kaitlin Ignacio

Best Couple: Jennifer Park, Chris Baransky



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Miles Essner is a junior at Half Hollow Hills High School West. Miles has been editor of the Arts and Entertainment section of the newspaper since freshman year. Miles aspires to have an occupation in media arts; working behind the camera has been a dream of his for a long time. Films such as Pulp Fiction and The Godfather heavily influence him. In school, Miles is more geared towards the social science subjects of school including Social Studies and English; he uses the knowledge and skill from these classes to help put out the finest possible writing. Miles is also a well-accomplished percussionist and is part of the High School West Music Honor Society. Miles is heavily driven and well versed in the entertainment scene for which he covers.