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Photo Credit: edtechreview.in
Photo Credit: edtechreview.in

Last month, the Honors Algebra 2 and Trig classes and Honors Pre Calc classes were shown a video featuring famous CEOs from companies including Facebook and Twitter. Many famous athletes and music artists were also featured. The main message of this video was to explain to people the importance and relevance of learning how to code, and the availability in this field of the job market.

All of these successful and widely known men and women wanted to share with people of all ages that the knowledge of coding was a useful skill to acquire. The video also talked about coding and how around a million job opportunities would go unfilled because not enough students are introduced nor educated in computer coding.

On the week of December 16th, students were offered two free lessons on coding afterschool to all students of High School West. These lessons were offered by Mr. Maroney, who teaches the math and computer science teacher. About the Hour of Code program, he said “I thought that the website that was created to promote Computer Science was highly effective.  Most students that participated after school were able to navigate the website without much help from me or a fellow students.  In addition, most students seems to enjoy completing the tasks.  Hopefully more students will enroll in Computer Science next year after their experience with the website  If you didn’t get a chance to participate, you can still go to the website and follow the directions; there are links from my eBoard to the ‘hour of code’.”

Liana He, a junior at Hills West, went to the coding class on tuesday. She said, “The coding class was a great experience; I learned the basics of coding by paying a simple game that was created by ‘Hour of Code.’ I now understand how knowing how to code is important, and undoubtedly useful for many different applications. I will definitely take a coding/programming class in college!”

If you missed any of these two sessions held in the school, you can learn more  about coding and play games at http://csedweek.org/learn.