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School In Session on Election Day


There are few things that students love as much as days off from school. Many of them keep track of which weeks have days off and even plan their schedules around them, making plans for the night before. In years past, most students saw Election Day as an excuse to take a day off from school; however, this was not the case this year.

In the past, teachers would have their conference meetings on Election Day. Since these meetings always landed on Election Day, the general public assumed school was cancelled for the election. This year, due to the date changes of different holidays, the teachers had their meeting at some time before the school year began, thus leaving Election Day open for school. Mrs. Monez, one of the Pre-Calc teachers at Hills West, says, “Moving the meeting to the summer was an excellent idea. All the teachers were able to work a lot more efficiently since we had extra time to create the curriculum”.

Although some students surely had their complaints about having an extra school day, most of them actually appreciated having the extra school day and viewed it as an improvement. “Having the extra school day allowed for most classes to create an extra review day to prepare for the formative exams,” said Maxine Fenner, a Junior at Hills West. In the end, moving this meeting to the summer and having an extra day of school proved to be quite helpful, and will hopefully happen again next year.