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Deer Park Rematch


On February 2, girls basketball went against Deer Park for a second time on the home turf, wearing pink shirts to celebrate and show their support in the movement against breast cancer . Freshman Brittany Hodge led in points gaining 8 points for the team. Junior Sydney Sodine got 11 rebounds in the game, and Sophomore Jenna Marinis scored 7 points. The girls played skillfully and with determination throughout each quarter but were faced with an unfortunate 23 point loss. In the first quarter Deer Park led by 8 points and was able to gain the upper hand. The Hills West crowd cheered the girls on and tried to boost their confidence but the girls had no such luck and in the second quarter into the second quarter Deer Park bumped up their lead to 19 points. The girls were clearly tired but still continued to press on in the next two quarters. At the end of the third quarter our team made a slight improvement, only being down just 17 points. In the fourth and final quarter the game ended with a score of 53 to 30 making it another loss for Hills West. The team hopes that they are able to do better for the last few games of the season and improve for next year’s season.