May 24, 2024

Weekend and Spring Break Getaways

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With the arrival of spring comes the opportunity to venture out of our cozy homes and enjoy the outdoors. There are many ways to get away for the weekend to somewhere warm or somewhere cool. If a quick trip into the city is what you need, try the Long Island Railroad. Over 40 trains to Penn Station are offered daily from the Long Island Railroad Stations close by. Spend a day visiting some of the award winning museums and shows that Manhattan has to offer. There are also many highly-acclaimed restaurants in the city: some fancy and some not. Gray’s Papayas at 2090 Broadway is a “fast-food” joint that is known to make a great hot-dog. Order the combo to get a papaya juice or pina colada. Looking for something more hearty? Hit up Katz’s Delicatessen on 205 E Houston St, but be prepared to wait; they often have lines outside the door. Once inside, their Pastrami or Corned Beef sandwich with a Knish is a hearty meal that doesn’t get better than at this Deli.

Spring break also allows for test-stressed students to relax and forget about school by taking bigger trips. Now is the prefect time to take a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before! If you want to go to Boston, Philadephia, Washington D.C or further, Amtrak offers service all the way to Miami or Chicago or Niagara Falls. If you want to get to where you’re going a little bit faster, try using Long Island MaArthur Airport: a smaller, quiet airport that is nestled in Islip, New York whose variety of destinations do not fall short to that of JFK’s or LaGuardia’s. Southwest Airlines offers discount fares to West Palm Beach twice daily, Fort Lauderdale twice daily, Tampa once daily, Orlando three times daily, Fort Myers once daily, and Baltimore six times daily to make connections to Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and forty other destinations! Other Airlines like U.S Airways offers up to 3 nonstop flights to Washington D.C, and up to 4 nonstop flights to Philadephia. Penair offers 2 nonstop flights to Boston.

Once you arrive at one of these fine destinations, there are many ways to keep yourself busy. If you decide to go to Orlando, Disney or Universal is the place to be. Universal Studios is creating additions to its’ park , and there will be many new areas that old and new visitors will enjoy. At Washington D.C, there are many sights to be seen such as the White House and the National Monument. Or maybe go to Boston, where using Penair will get you to the heart of historic Boston in an hour and a half. There you can visit the New England Aquarium, or see the USS Constitution; a famous wooden navy ship from the 1700’s. Spring break is finally here, so now its time to get up and go!